Our Mission

Helping Our People Excel. HOPE Africa. Started by a Nigerian-American family who knows first-hand the sacrifices involved in leaving one’s home, attaining an elite education and giving back, HOPE Africa wants to boost future young African leaders.To achieve its goal, HOPE Africa provides academic scholarships and a broader structure: volunteer opportunities, internships and a network of people to help them create sustainable projects with the aim of establishing a continuing system of resources for future generations.


As my freshman year comes to a close, I am just writing to let you know how immense a part the HOPE Africa scholarship has played in bringing me a step closer to my dreams. Coming from a low income family, I know the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck and this scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to be a student, liberated of the financial burden that accompanies going to an elite institution of higher education. Specifically, the pressures of balancing a campus job, schoolwork, and extracurricular activities were eliminated. I feel so fortunate to be part of such as community, and am truly grateful for the opportunity that I have been given. The road before me is a long and winding one and with supporters like HOPE Africa behind me, I know I will be able to reach my goals.

Thank you again.

Sincerely, Ogechukwu Uwanaka ’16